Lucky 7 F2F Tactics

Lucky 7 F2F Selling Hacks What is in your bag of tricks when selling Face to Face? A magician is only as good as his worst trick! When selling door to door, you have to have a road map for the conversation. You cannot be invasive, but you must be assertive in a tactical manner when guiding the conversation down your sales path.¬†Here are our Lucky 7 hacks to increase your effectiveness every time. And… Continue reading Lucky 7 F2F Tactics

What is The Best Pitch?

Top 10 D2D Sales Pitches What is The Best Sales Pitch? Join us as we go breakdown the Top 10 Sales Pitches for everyone in Field Sales. Now, every Great Sales Person, will tell you what the best pitch is. But Legendary, Game Changing Sales People will tell you that you have to master all of them and then develop the ability to know when to use which one. In order to move closer to… Continue reading What is The Best Pitch?

The Best Way to Rebuttal in Sales

Best Sales Rebuttal Tactics Sales is About Selling a Peace of Mind There are many aspects in knowing how to rebuttal effectively, that depending on your dedication, can take more or less time. However, the golden foundation to becoming a rebuttal master is being comfortable. Comfortable with your product and comfortable with yourself. You have to know that all the answers are in your pocket, you just have to identify when is the best moment… Continue reading The Best Way to Rebuttal in Sales