Lucky 7 F2F Tactics

Lucky 7 F2F Selling Hacks

7 D2D Sales Hacks
What is in your bag of tricks when selling Face to Face?

A magician is only as good as his worst trick! When selling door to door, you have to have a road map for the conversation. You cannot be invasive, but you must be assertive in a tactical manner when guiding the conversation down your sales path. Here are our Lucky 7 hacks to increase your effectiveness every time. And remember luck is where opportunity and preparation meet, so be prepared!

  • 1. Develop a strong understanding of your product or service and be able to clearly communicate its value to potential customers.
  • 2. Build rapport with the customer by actively listening and identifying their needs and pain points.
  • 3. Use open-ended questions to guide the conversation and gather information about the customer's needs.
  • 4. Use specific, relevant examples and case studies to demonstrate how your product or service can meet the customer's needs.
  • 5. Address any objections or concerns the customer may have by providing solutions or alternatives.
  • 6. End the conversation by summarizing the main points and outlining next steps.
  • 7. Follow up with the customer after the meeting to continue the conversation and solidify the sale.

Keep in mind that these Lucky 7 Hacks only work when you have consistently practiced and recited them in your mind before putting them into action. Remember PRACTICE does not make PERFECT, it is PERFECT PRACTICE, that makes PERFECT!

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