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A Powerful suite of tools and features, designed to help you make more money.

RepCard helps you capture and nurture leads starting with digital business cards

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Send Your Digital Business Card

Start leveraging every interaction and stop missing out on sales. After all,  sharing info is surprisingly easy with RepCard. Especially if your business namely relies on reaching and  following up with new contacts.

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Get Notified When People 0pen It Up

This smart Digital Business Card takes guessing out of the equation. Because you will also know when a potential lead is interacting with your Repcard, as soon as it happens. Overall, RepCard makes your job easier.

Road Map Digital Business Card RepCard

Follow Up With Leads, Right Away

Ultimately, knowing how and when to follow up, will make or break any deal. For this reason, you should allow Repcard do the work for you. In short, timing is everything and in sales there is no time like the present. 

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Close the Deal and Get Referred

RepCard allows you to share contact info simultaneously. Whenever your lead shares your contact info with a friend, we notify you immediately. RepCard makes it undoubtedly easy to get referred.

Empower Your People With Digital Business Cards From RepCard

Every member of your team will benefit from our sales solutions


Micromanage production goals and progress through a global device.


Start capturing more 5-star reviews with RepCard’s powerful follow-up tools.

Sales Managers

Better understand which rep is productive within your sales team and oversee your recruiting pipeline.


Capture and nurture leads by sending your RepCard. Know who to follow up with and turn leads into customers.


Generate more reviews and referrals by always having your smart digital business card with you.

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The RepCard Experience

Our users wanted a better way to improve the sales experience, and here’s what they had to say…
Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Play Video about Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Play Video about Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Play Video about Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Play Video about Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Play Video about Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards
Play Video about Video Testimonial Digital Business Cards

RepCard Digital Business Cards Features

The Digital Business Card For Sales People

Boost rep productivity with RepCard’s field-friendly platform. Gain full visibility into the field. And capture the data you need to make smarter decisions.
Leverage Digital Business Card RepCard

Leverage every opportunity

Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet. Now you can leverage RepCard to help you maximize every opportunity to sell anytime, anywhere so you can capture every contact and land more accounts. Above all, hello maximum efficiency, with a Smart Digital Business Card.

Gear Icon Digital Business Card RepCard

Follow up automatically

Our CRM tool doesn’t just record, track, and manage your leads. It also lets you start automated, customized follow-up campaigns for leads and customers. In addition, you’ll know in real time when your contacts are looking at your business card or other content you’ve shared with them. Not to mention, you can follow up immediately to close the sale and provide even better service to your customers. That’s going the extra mile!

Referrals Digital Business Card RepCard

Get more referrals than ever before

Customers are more likely to give you a referral if you ask for one. RepCard asks your customers for referrals automatically through our digital business card. Once a customer sends you a referral, you’ll get notified immediately so you can quickly follow up and lock down the sale.

Customer Reviews Digital Business Card RepCard

Generate customer reviews

Potential buyers are more inclined to buy from sales reps with a solid track record and reputation. RepCard helps you generate positive, relevant customer reviews automatically that you can share with your prospects in a natural way. With this in mind, you can now build your reputation and put it work to lock down more deals.

Recruit Digital Business Card RepCard

Recruit new reps more effectively

In addition to getting more sales you could also recruit new reps, with smart digital business cards from RepCard. As long as you are using this tool, you can sign up and onboard new reps to your team quickly and seamlessly without all the back and forth. Just set up your process once and let RepCard do the rest for every new recruit.

RepCard Digital Business Cards Integrations

We Play Friendly. 

RepCard Integrates Easily With Your Tech Stack.

Sales Force Digital Business Card RepCard
Spotio Digital Business Card RepCard
Canvas Digital Business Card RepCard
FBP Digital Business Card RepCard Integrations
& 1000+ other apps through Zapier!
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Choose the plan that’s right for you

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Supercharge your sales


100% Free. Forever.

  • Send Unlimited Digital Cards
  • 30 Smart notifications
  • 3 reviews
  • Limited Videos & CTA Buttons
  • Contact Manager
  • RepCard Branding
  • and much more...


Do more with premium features

$20.00/ per user, per mo.

$15.00/ per user, per mo

Individual Plan

  • Unlimited Custom Digital Cards
  • Get Unlimited Smart Notifications
  • See Unlimited Reviews
  • Unlimited Videos, CTA Buttons and more
  • Review Generator to Google, Facebook, BBB, Zillow and more.
  • Automated Campaigns (add'l. .03 per message)
  • Integrations: Zapier, Google Reviews, HubSpot, Salesforce
  • Referral Generator


Do more with premium features

Contact for pricing

  • All Premium Plan Features PLUS
  • Custom company branding
  • Team optimization
  • Shareable team libraries
  • Company Review Generator
  • Custom user verification page
  • White label option
  • Admin Controls
  • Company Dashboard Analytics

RepCard Digital Business Cards Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the RepCard app for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can also use RepCard on the web.

Getting help is easy, you could always write us at support@repcard.com, or click on the support button that is on the bottom right hand side of the website.

Sharing your RepCard with others has never been easier! It only takes a couple taps within your RepCard app and you are good to go. Here is a video that walks you step by step.

We absolutely do! You can visit our Help Center where we go into much more detail about RepCard.

We are simply, everywhere! You can visit us on FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

Yes! Sending email campaigns is a very effective method of contacting multiple leads. It is the same process as creating and sending a text campaign, you would just select email instead of text. See steps here.

Our basic functions are numerous so we created a video to help guide you as a beginner. However, you can do so much more, make sure you explore your new app and get in touch if you have any questions.

Uploading videos is super easy and fast. We have outlined the steps and added a step by step video here as well.

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