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  • pricingSend Unlimited Digital Cards To All Your Leads
  • pricing30 Smart notifications
  • pricing3 Reviews To Help You Create Instant Credibility
  • pricing Limited Videos & CTA Buttons
  • pricing Contact Manager
  • pricing RepCard Branding
  • pricing And Much Much More...

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  • pricingUnlimited Custom Digital Cards
  • pricingGet Unlimited Smart Notifications
  • pricing See Unlimited Reviews
  • pricingUnlimited Videos, CTA Buttons and more
  • pricing Review & Referral Generator
  • pricing Automated Campaigns (add'l. .03 per message)
  • pricingIntegrations: Zapier, Google Reviews, HubSpot, Salesforce
  • pricing Import/Export Contacts

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  • All Premium Plan Features PLUS
  • Custom Company Branding
  • Team Opt./Admin Controls
  • Shareable Team Libraries
  • Company Review Generator-Google, FB, BBB, Zillow & More
  • Custom User Verification Page
  • White Label Option
  • Import/Export Contacts
  • Company Dashboard Analytics
  • Detailed Mapping Tool

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Let's Break Down The Pricing

Not only are we the must have app for anyone that interacts directly with new leads. In order to create opportunities to close more deals. But also, our pricing will surely set your mind at ease. In fact you can try it for free today and forever if you want. However, you can unlock premium features for just a couple quarters a day, now that’s great pricing! After all, face to face selling is definitely challenging as it is. Therefore you should certainly pivot RepCard’s pricing to your advantage. Let’s quickly review 6 Reasons why you should download RepCard right now. And start notably enhancing your effectiveness with every single interaction. 

Quick & Easy

The best part of RepCard, is how easy it is to use. Moreover, you always have it on you. RepCard can be quickly shared through text, email, whatsapp, FB messenger, Instagram and several other methods. With no app required on their end. It is also an eye catcher for a new lead. Guaranteed to peek their curiosity as well as create an opportunity to look into your profile, and all at a great price.

Smart Notifications

By the same token, RepCard keeps you as updated as possible. Our users are instantly notified, when their leads receive their RepCard, and interact with it in anyway. Like when viewing your videos, social media or reviews for example. Ultimately this will give you a great advantage when managing your pipeline. And lastly, free up some time for you to close more deals! Our pricing is so affordable that everyone should be using it. 

Instant Social Proof

In like manner, think of how much more comfortable your leads will be once they can see more about you. For example your social profile, reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. For the most part establishing credibility is difficult to obtain without Repcard and it is critical to closing a sale. Our price is a small investment that will cement your online presence. To put in another way, think like a lead, what would you prefer?

Customized Cadence

Access to creating a series of automated texts and emails which will help you engage your leads consistently and significantly increasing effectivity. In fact, 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the initial meeting. And 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up. This is why you need to allow us to do the leg work! 

Automated Referrals

With our smart automated process that was created to help you close more sales, you are sure to tip the scale. It is important to realize that we ask for referrals automatically and sync the new lead info instantly. Our pricing is a drop in a bucket, when you think about real ROI. In short, stay ahead of the curve with an automated process to acquire more business. 

Free For Life

In summary, you could unlock this game changer and use it for free forever. It will not cost you anything to jumpstart the effectiveness instantly. However, if you decide to become a Platinum User, it will cost you only $0.50 per day. And after all there is nothing else at this price, that will create real ROI for you.

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Furthermore, we are so confident that we are an absolute GAME CHANGER, that you can sign on today for FREE. When you are ready to unlock amazing premium features you can, with just a couple quarters a day. It is equally important to mention that we also offer special enterprise pricing for anyone who has a sales team. Take advantage of our managing tools and enhanced insight into key performance indicators. Come Join thousands of companies that are taking advantage of this very special pricing and boost your sales today!

Close More Sales

Built With You In Mind

Ultimately, RepCard builds permanent bridges between you and your leads. Who we additionally help nurture, through automated notifications.  That you instantly get when they interact with your RepCard. Which will help you manage your pipeline. And definitely generate more business through referrals and reviews as well as instant credibility. 


Fully Customizable

Even though we have several decades of combined sales experience. Unlike others, we also know that personalization is key to success. RepCard has several features that you can modify to fit your brand and generate more deals quickly. In addition, we automatically integrate with over 5K sales apps. Which will take you even further and beyond what you ever expected.