Build Your Reputation - Close More Sales

What You Get

With RepCard you get a simple yet powerful suite of tools and features,
all designed to help you close more sales and make more money. 

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Leverage every opportunity

Stop missing out on sales opportunities due to bad timing, a new neighborhood, or other factors outside your control. Now you can leverage RepCard to help you maximize every opportunity to sell anytime, anywhere so you can capture every contact and land more accounts. Hello maximum efficiency.

Smart ID Badge

Build credibility with prospects

Immediately put potential customers at ease so you can quickly move them to the next step in your process. With your very own smart ID badge, customers can easily scan a QR code to quickly verify your identity, your company, and your outstanding background. Welcome instant credibility.

Send Business Card

Share your information digitally

Stop wasting business cards and money on prospects that aren’t serious. Instead, share your information digitally while getting your prospect's information too. RepCard will take it from there to help you stay top of mind by following up with your prospects and help you move them along in the sales process...all while you stay out in the field helping customers and generating new leads.

Followup Campaigns

Follow up automatically

Our CRM tool doesn't just record, track, and manage your leads. It also lets you start automated, customized follow-up campaigns for leads and customers. Even better, you'll know in real time when your contacts are looking at your business card or other content you've shared with them so you can follow up immediately to close the sale and provide even better service to your customers. That's going the extra mile!

Get Referrals

Get more referrals than ever before

Customers are more likely to give you a referral if you ask for one. RepCard asks your customers for referrals automatically. Once a customer sends you a referral, you'll get notified immediately so you can quickly follow up and lock down the sale.

Customer Reviews

Generate customer reviews

Customers are more likely to buy from sales reps with a solid track record and reputation. RepCard helps you generate positive, relevant customer reviews automatically that you can share with your prospects in a natural way. Now you can build your reputation and put it work to lock down more deals.

Manage Recruits

Recruit new reps more effectively

Sign up and onboard new reps to your team quickly and seamlessly without all the back and forth. Just set up your process once and let RepCard do the rest for every new recruit.

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Our Promise

RepCard comes with a 90-Day, 100% money-back guarantee. We promise you’ll close more sales and make more money, be more effective with your follow up, and build more credibility and confidence with prospects. Other reps will wonder how you got your killer edge without spending any more time and energy than you are now and how you make more than they do without using high pressure, sleazy, and unethical sales tactics. 

Look, they call Brad, RepCard’s founder and CEO,  “Money Making Mortensen” for a reason. 

Here’s a note from Brad:

“I take your D2D sales success seriously. You have my personal promise that I’ll do everything in my power to ensure you’re making money with RepCard like I am. In fact, I take it so seriously I’ll actually guarantee it. I believe in the power of our tools so much that if you don’t succeed with RepCard, we’ll give you your money back. It’s really that simple…If we aren’t making you money, then we don’t deserve yours.”

— Brad Mortensen

If at any time during your first 90 days using RepCard you don’t feel like we’ve helped you improve your sales, follow up, and credibility at the door, just let our support team know by emailing or by calling 555-REPCARD and we’ll give you a complete refund. No strings, no hassle, nothing to prove, and without delay. Just your satisfaction or an immediate refund and your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this answers your questions, but if not you can reach us here and we’ll respond promptly.

It’s easy! RepCard helps you build your reputation to lend major credibility to you that you can share with customers. Not only that, but with our automated follow up campaigns, referral generation, recruit management, and social marketing tools your success becomes automatic.

Yup! RepCard’s recruit management system works really similar to our customer CRM. Keep track of recruits, send them follow ups, and easily keep them moving forward through the recruiting process so you can build your team more quickly and efficiently.

RepCard Pro users and companies can push their positive customer reviews over to their Google, Facebook, and Yelp customer review pages with the click of a button. On top of that, they don’t even have to ask for the reviews themselves! RepCard automatically sends them a message asking for a positive review to help you build your reputation online.

The simple answer is, automagically! It’s part of our automated follow up campaign. After you close a deal, customers will first be asked to provide you with a review. Once they’ve written your positive review, they’ll get a follow up message asking for a referral with your RepCard link that they can send along to their family and friends. 

Nope! We don’t meddle around in your business, we just help you get more of it. You’re welcome!

Absolutely! It’s one of the things RepCard users love most. While we have industry tested auto campaigns already set up for you, you can always choose exactly what you want to say, when you want to say it, set it up in RepCard, and let the automation do the rest to help you close more sales. It’s just that simple.

Definitely! RepCard ID badges have a scannable QR code on the back that your customers can scan to verify who you are, what company you work for, and of course your positive customer reviews.