RepCard and Facebook Pixel

While doing online research for purchasing a new bed frame, you will most likely visit several websites looking for the best rate and fit. Sometimes, there may be a notice letting you know they use “cookies” to better serve your needs. You click ok and continue navigating through the website. Then, two days later while […]

Organization Tips for the Modern Salesperson

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of sales reps’ time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities? Today’s salespeople spend the majority of their time on tasks such as data entry, team meetings, and handling product issues. If you are like me, you are asking yourself why someone would waste so much time on these tasks when […]

4 Ways to Lend Credibility to Your Door to Door Sales Approach

As the summer selling “season” approaches, door to door sales professionals are ramping up to provide customers with products they need. Whether you are selling solar, pest control, or girl scout cookies, here are 4 ways to lend credibility. 1. Personal Presentation Although this may seem like common sense, how to present yourself to the […]

RepCard vs Haystack: Which Digital Business Card is Best?

Whether you are entering the business world or are a seasoned professional, the desire for digital connection is stronger than ever. One of the best and current ways to be part of this movement is to switch from paper business cards to digital business cards. But choosing the right digital business card that best represents […]

SalesRabbit + RepCard = $$$

Salesrabbit Repcard Integration

The SalesRabbit + RepCard Integration You Need to Succeed! You are equipped with two excellent sales tools. Now what?  In addition to SalesRabbit , Repcards innovative features, including digital business cards and automated follow up, will light you up and take you to the next level. Getting you setup with this game-changing integration is the […]