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RepCard was built by a sales team, for a sales team. Allow us to do the leg work so you can focus on closing more deals!
An Absolute Sales Must Have
Simplify the initial exchange of information with this awesome tool. In addition, you can start truly gauging the effectiveness of your team. Face to face sales and field marketing in general is one of the hardest environments to manage accordingly, without having a lot of time and budget to invest. We make it simple for sales reps to acquire leads and manage them effectively. While granting sales managers the universal tools that they need to increase productivity and boost morale across the board. Let’s take a brief look at some of our key features below:

No App Required On Receiving End

Share your RepCard with anyone through regular text, whatsapp, messenger or many other methods. As soon as they click on the link, they will have access to your RepCard and you will have access their personal/public information as well. Linking your new leads info to yours instantly!

Generate And Display Reviews

Which can be shared right on the platform. We help you generate reviews automatically. Or you can request them from satisfied clients. Either way, every time someone new visits your RepCard they will have access to your reviews. Which will help create instant credibility.

Instant Interaction Notifications

Nowadays, everything is automated and the competition is well aware of it. We keep you ahead of the curve with smart notifications, that inform you what is going on and even create a hot list for leads who have recently interacted with your RepCard. Ensuring that you are very effective.

Canvasing Tool At Your Fingertips

Canvassing has never been easier. Just enclose a specific area on the map and assign it to a rep. That rep will see the defined area and key data of each home owner. Like the name, resident status and credit score. This puts you ahead of the game and completely informed every step of the way.

Personalized Mini Site At Your Disposal

Tell us who you and your company are, while highlighting unique selling points. Imagine having access to a mini website where you can customize company colors, logos, videos an images. This is your chance to shine! With an incredibly easy format to utilize, so you can update in a zip.

Automatic Referral Requests

Let’s not forget that people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand that was referred by a friend. You could ask clients to share your RepCard or every time someone leaves you a strong review, we automatically request a referral for you, just in case it slipped your mind!

Effective Lead Management Tools

If your team in not managing each lead interaction very well, you are trying to drive without a motor. We know all the stats of how leads fall between the cracks. And have built in several safe traps, so your sales team does not lose any opportunities and is capitalizing accordingly.

Mini CRM Built Right In To Our App

A CRM or customer relationship management, is tech that manages all your company’s interactions with customers and leads. Focusing on driving new client acquisition and reducing churn. Even though we do not advertise as a CRM, we can absolutely check that box off.
We have several options for you to Choose from, depending on your current needs and future projections.
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RepCard caters to all company sizes, you can schedule a meeting so we discuss your options.
Real solutions, do not fit in a cookie cutter. This is why we prefer to evaluate what your company requires in order to be successful. And we can then present you with a customized solution that your company can benefit from. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that your wolf pack is as effective as possible.
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Are you a lone wolf? Or would simply like to pilot out RepCard with access to many of the perks before including your team? We have got you covered as well.
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If you are not convinced yet. Then why not try RepCard, completely for free, for life. With no strings attached.
If You Cannot Measure It, You Cannot Improve It!
Do you have more doubts?
As we mentioned above, we know the importance of customization. The demo is where we can briefly understand what is important to you and your team. While showcasing some of our features and benefits. So, we can determine if we are a good fit for each other and what we would need to make this work.
Absolutely! We know that to be successful in sales you have to play all the aspects of the game. And an effective follow up process can systemized with an effective cadence. Lastly, our messaging campaigns can be sent through text or email.
RepCard was designed to be effective and adaptable. This is why we can automatically integrate with over 5K sales apps. We look at RepCard as evolution, not change. Because change is painful but evolution is necessary.
We are everywhere on social media and both sponsor and host many events throughout the year for sales and marketing associates like yourself. However, our website has all the additional details that you maybe looking for along with a complete set of FAQS as well. And you can always reach out to us directly at support@repcard.com.
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This is the best time for you to take advantage of your exclusive Capital One Business Deals benefits and join thousands of companies who are using RepCard to close more deals. We are the All-In-One Ultimate Sales App that anyone who is in Field Sales, D2D Sales, P2P Marketing or Social Networking must have. RepCard greatly increases the effectivity of every single interaction without any additional effort. Follow up like a pro and generate automatic reviews and referrals to keep the ball rolling.


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The Absolute Last Business Card You Will Ever Need



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